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Gypsum TV Unit and Wall Units in Kampala, Uganda


Gretarck Decor and Interiors is a provider of gypsum board TV and Wall Unit designs at the best prices in the Kampala, Uganda.

Gretarck Decor and Interiors provides gypsum TV design solutions to enable you to live in a modern way in your house. We create gypsum board TV and wall unit designs that give your interior living or working space a spectacular look. Gypsum boards have always been an amazing touch in the building industry.

Our Gypsum Board TV designs are always available, reliable, inexpensive, can be easily manipulated to create the most incredible Wall, TV and ceiling designs.

Below is a gallery of previous gypsum board projects involving TV and Wall Units, with Gypsum Board Ceilings added in some specifications. For price quotations, feel free to schedule a free consultation on 0753909629.

Free Price Quote on Gypsum Board TV and Wall Unit Design and Installation in Kampala, Uganda


For a free price and schedule quote of gypsum board TV Units contact Gretarck Decor Ltd on 0753909629 or request for a free consultation at our Kampala Industrial Area offices today using the form below:



Gypsum Board TV Projects Completed in Uganda


Feel free to browse through a selection of past and present gypsum Board TV projects Gretarck Decor and Interiors has completed on residential and commercial properties in Kampala and the rest of Uganda.