Gypsum Ceiling

Arck Decor is a leading maker of gyspum board ceilings in the Kampala, Uganda. Gypsum

Premier Gypsum Board Works for Uganda

Established in 2018, Arck Decor Limited is a Uganda based provider of gypsum based interior housing and construction solutions for residential, business and industrial establishments. We have managed more than 50 interior design projects to date, most of them referrals from satisfied clients

For past interior and exterior design projects, refer to the projects section containing gypsum board ceilings, gypsum mould works, gypsum wall units, gypsum TV units and wrought iron works.

Our interior design solutions are based on gypsum boards and plaster and they include:

  1. Gypsum Board Works – Ceiling, Domes, TV Units, Shelves and Wall Units
  2. Gypsum Mold Works – Gypsum Pillars, Arch-Ways, Cornices and Columns
  3. Ceiling Works – Suspended Ceilings, Lighting Integration and Ventilation
  4. Decorative Paint Works – Both interior and exterior house remodeling
  5. Wrought Iron Works – doors, staircases, balconies, windows, gates and gardens

Quality Assurance on High Quality Gypsum Works

Arck Decor Limited uses high quality genuine products and employs only skilled craftspeople for every construction project we undertake. The result is that 80% of our clients are referrals, from already satisfied clients. In cases where we subcontract projects, we still supply the most skilled and experienced crafts people so that you get value for the money you spend on your gypsum based project.

Free Consultation on Gypsum Board Works

We are open to discuss your interior design project and provide you a cost and duration estimate based on materials and measurements during working hours at our offices in Kampala Industrial Area.

Where We Serve (Gypsum Project Locations)

Our gypsum projects are done in Kampala, but we make site visits to remote locations in other parts of Uganda to under take gypsum construction work. So whether it is a gypsum ceiling board, wall unit, TV or entertainment unit, wrought iron works or weather guard painting, exterior painting projects or simply house decor home and refurbishing or remodeling, Arck Decor Limited will help you with project and site survey, project duration estimates, gypsum materials costing and architectural design work before proceeding to implementation and delivery of your next gypsum project.

Where to Find Gypsum Materials

You can contact Arck Decor Limited in Kampala Industrial Area for a free price quote and project costing for gypsum board materials in Uganda. Customers are always involved in every decision concerning gypsum projects, therefore our pricing and materials costing becomes flexible to suit individual gypsum project needs in any location in Uganda.

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